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Start Better &
Move with Green

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For Children Tomorrow

Each generation inherits the earth temporarily.
The next generation shall live with clean air, a
nontoxic environment, and unlimited natural
resources as we do now.

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Consume Wisely

Use baby products that are made from
organic materials. It will cause no harm
both for the earth and the baby's sensitive

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Environmental Change

Implementing green living cause the smaller carbon
footprint, reduce the number of toxins released into
the atmosphere, and fight climate change.

Our ESG Topics

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Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.
Focuses on addressing the underlying social and economic
determinants of health Including reducing maternal and child mortality.

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Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. Aims to ensure that women and girls have equal access to education and healthcare, and increase the number of women who are involved in decision-making processes at all levels.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure banner
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Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive, and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. Industry, innovation, and infrastructure are essential for economic growth and development.

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Ensure sustainable consumption, production patterns, and not harm the environment or human well-being. Includes reducing waste and pollution and increasing resource efficiency.

Partnerships for the goals. banner
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Collaborative efforts between different actors, including governments, private sector companies, civil society organizations, and individuals, to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How Does Our Brand
Support ESG?

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Nero Bianco clothing series is made from Tencel fabric, an environmentally-friendly material created from natural eucalyptus trees. During production, Tencel requires less energy and water than conventional cotton. As a plant-derived fiber, Tencel is also biodegradable. As a material, the advantage of Tencel fiber is that it also has a soft, silky and breathable feel, a comfortable material for your little one's everyday clothes.

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By using responsible materials with sustainably harvested and production that pays attention to environmental sustainability, we are dedicated to create products that ensure the well-being of mothers and children.

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mugu bannermugu logo

At MUGU, every product is a combination of excellent design, high-quality materials, and sustainable philosophy. By combining natural and durable ingredients, we create products to get the best experience for both children and parents. We carefully design each product with innovative technology and safety to stimulate children to learn, enjoy learning and help mothers to have better parenting life

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Tweeling & Co. bannerTweeling & Co. logo

Using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, Tweeling & Co is easy to use, soft, and breathable for baby's skin. Mothers also don't need to worry about shoulder injuries when using Tweeling & Co correctly.

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